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Warren Hughes
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Warren Hughes is a distinguished member of Burlington Lodge No. 66 in Kansas and serves as their Historian. He has a passion for preserving the rich history of his lodge and has dedicated countless hours to researching and documenting its past.

Warren is also a Past District Deputy Grand Master of District 6B and a Past Grand Tyler of the Grand Lodge of Kansas. He has been actively involved in Freemasonry for many years and is highly respected among his peers.

In March 2021, Warren was installed as a Committee Member for Lodges and Buildings in the Grand Lodge of Kansas. He was also installed as a Worshipful Master of Tuscan Lodge No. 460 in December 2022 and as a Senior Steward of Neosho Lodge No. 27 in December 2021.

In addition, Warren currently serves as a Committee Member for Reports of Grand Lodge Officers, which he was installed in March 2023. His dedication and commitment to the craft are truly commendable, and he continues to inspire and educate fellow Masons with his knowledge and passion for the fraternity.