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Tony Borum
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We are honored to have had Grand Master Anthony W. “Tony” Borum on the show. Born in Harrisonville, Missouri and raised in the Kansas City and Independence urban areas, Tony has spent most of his life in rural Kansas. After attending UMKC, Tony worked as a union Meat Cutter for Milgram's and United Super Stores before becoming a machinist apprentice at Land's Tool Room in Parker, Kansas. In 2002, he purchased the family business and opened Borum Machine Services Inc.

Tony's Masonic journey began in 1984 when he was raised to the degree of a Master Mason in East Gate Lodge No. 630 in Kansas City, Missouri. He later became a dual member of Parker Lodge No. 341, where he has served in many offices, including Master (1991, 2006, & 2007) and is their current Treasurer. He is also a plural member and the current Jr. Steward of Kincaid Lodge No. 338. In 2015, Tony was the Charter Master of Tuscan Lodge No. 460, and he has been elected Treasurer every subsequent year.

Tony has served our Grand Lodge in various capacities, including as District Deputy (2011 & 2012), Area Deputy (2013 & 2014), Grand Junior Deacon (2015), and Grand Senior Deacon (2016). He received his 25-year silver service emblem in 2009 and earned a Ritualist (B) ranking in 2015. In 2014, Tony was awarded the first-ever Grand Master's Order of Merit.

When he is not traveling for Freemasonry, Tony enjoys sailing and spending time with his family and grandchildren. With his wealth of experience and dedication to the craft, Tony has become a highly respected figure in the Masonic community, and we were grateful for the opportunity to have him as a guest on Historical Light.