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The History Behind Le Droit Humain | Julian Rees | HL 25

Recording the intro of today’s show while in the hospital waiting room.  You may have heard by now that Brother Angelo Mino who you will see featured in the into of Historical Light was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer and is currently in that fight. Additional to that my younger brother passed away just over a week ago so things have been crazy. I do apologize that we have not been keeping our regular schedule but I hope you can understand why. Tonight we are featuring an interview with Brother and Masonic Author Julian Rees. He is bringing us not only some history behind his publications but a look into the start of the Co- Masonic orders with Le Droit Humain.  This is a very tabu subject for a lot of people but we are not going at this in a debate format instead we are merely taking a look at the history behind it.