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Ryan J. Flynn

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Ryan J. Flynn is a well-known Masonic artist and speaker, and a past master of Ancient York Lodge No. 89 in Nashua, NH. He has gained worldwide recognition for his Masonic-themed artworks, which have been featured in numerous publications, including the Philalethes Society. In 2016, he was selected as an Ambassador to the Association of Masonic Arts, becoming the first American to hold the position. One of his most notable works is a portrait of Prince Hall, which was donated to the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of North Carolina in 2021. Flynn's work has been exhibited in many lodges around the world, and he has been praised as “one of the most influential American Masonic artists in the last fifty years.” In addition to his artistic accomplishments, Flynn is also a prolific speaker and has lectured extensively on Masonic art history, esoteric topics, and the history of the Masonic arts. He is a past District Deputy Grand Education Officer for the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire and a member of lodges in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and North Carolina.