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Patrick Craddock

(2 Episodes)

Patrick Craddock is a historical expert, designer of Masonic aprons and regalia, world traveler, and lecturer. He is the owner of The Craftsman's Apron, which has become the foremost purveyor of quality Masonic regalia in North America. Patrick's journey began in 1991 when he wanted a period-correct reproduction Masonic apron to use while participating in American Civil War living history programs. Frustrated by the lack of such products available in the market, he decided to make one himself – even though he had never picked up a paint brush.

From this humble beginning, Patrick's hobby-born-of-necessity evolved into a full-fledged business, producing aprons, custom ties, Lodge banners, cuff links, officer jewels, and collars. The Craftsman's Apron has increased its product line to offer a wide range of quality Masonic regalia, gifts, and personal effects for Freemasons.

At The Craftsman's Apron, the focus is on providing the highest quality Masonic regalia, with the goal of helping Freemasonry regain its elegance and dignity. The company's vision is for its regalia to be recognized as the distinguished badge of every Mason. The Craftsman's Apron only uses real lambskin in its products, as it believes that the symbolic meaning of the apron is more important than just words used for a degree. The company goes to great lengths to procure the best naturally tanned whole lambskin hides available.

Each apron at The Craftsman's Apron is hand cut and handmade by artisan craftsmen. The company offers bespoke designs that are specific to the individual or Lodge. The drive for unapologetic quality permeates the company and is reflected in every product it produces. Patrick's expertise, passion, and dedication to quality have made him a sought-after lecturer and world traveler, sharing his knowledge of Masonic history and regalia with audiences around the world.