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Mitch Denning
(1 Episode)

Mitch Denning is a skilled filmmaker and documentary director based in Tennessee, with a passion for exploring the rich history and traditions of the Masonic fraternity. After graduating from film school, Mitch applied his creative talents to produce high-quality documentaries that showcase the timeless values and enduring principles of Freemasonry.

As a guest on the Historical Light podcast, Mitch shared his insights and experiences in producing a captivating documentary that commemorated the anniversary of his lodge. He delved into the intricate planning and execution required to produce a documentary of such a high caliber, highlighting the challenges and rewards of working with the Masonic community to capture the essence of their story.

With his keen eye for detail and his ability to bring the past to life on screen, Mitch has gained recognition as a leading figure in the field of Masonic documentary filmmaking. He continues to inspire and educate Masons and non-Masons alike through his engaging and informative productions, which provide a rare glimpse into the fascinating world of Freemasonry.