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Michael Johnon
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Michael Johnson is a distinguished member of the Freemasons and an accomplished businessman. He was born and raised in Louisburg, Kansas, where he discovered the fraternity during his senior year of high school. After being initiated into Rising Sun Lodge No. 8 in 1993, Michael transferred to Lafayette Lodge No. 16 while pursuing his degree in Construction Science and Management at Kansas State University.

After graduation, Michael moved to Lawrence but eventually returned to his hometown with his wife and daughters. He joined his family's electrical contracting business and quickly became an integral part of its success. Michael's dedication and hard work helped the business thrive, and he remains involved to this day.

Throughout his Masonic career, Michael has held numerous leadership positions in his home lodge, Peace Lodge No. 243, as well as other lodges in the area. He is a Past Master of Lafayette Lodge No. 16 and Tuscan Lodge No. 460, and has served as a District Deputy Grand Master, Area Deputy Grand Master, and on various Grand Lodge committees. His passion for mentorship and ritual has made him a valuable asset to the fraternity, and he played a significant role in updating and re-implementing the Grand Lodge's mentorship program.

In 2018, Michael was appointed as Grand Senior Deacon, followed by Assistant Grand Lecturer in 2019, 2020, and 2021. He was elected Grand Junior Warden in 2019, Grand Senior Warden in 2020, and ultimately served as the 153rd Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Kansas in 2021.

Despite his busy schedule, Michael always finds time for his family and cherishes the moments spent with them. He is a true inspiration to his fellow Masons and a testament to the positive impact that the fraternity can have on one's life.