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Julian Rees
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Julian Rees is a renowned Masonic historian, author, and scholar who has dedicated his life to the study and preservation of the ancient traditions and values of the craft. With a deep passion for Masonic history and philosophy, Julian has spent decades exploring the mysteries and symbolism of Freemasonry, and sharing his knowledge and insights with others.

As a distinguished guest on the Historical Light podcast, Julian shared his wealth of knowledge and experience with listeners, providing a unique perspective on the historical and philosophical foundations of Freemasonry. His engaging and thought-provoking discussions shed new light on the principles and teachings of the craft, and offered a fresh perspective on its place in the modern world.

Julian's contributions to Masonic scholarship have been widely recognized and celebrated, including his receipt of the prestigious Silver Matchbox Award of the Emulation Lodge, and his appointment as Past Junior Grand Deacon of the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE). His decision to demit mainstream Masonry for membership under the Co-Masonic order, Le Droit Humain, further reflects his commitment to the fundamental principles of Freemasonry, and his dedication to the pursuit of truth, wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment.