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Jim Hall
(1 Episode)

WB Jim Hall is a well-known Freemason and the host of the Traveling Man Masonic Podcast, which has gained popularity in the Masonic community for its insightful discussions on the craft. WB Jim is a member of the 24th Masonic District of Ohio and has been an active participant in the fraternity for many years. He is known for his passion for Masonic education and his dedication to helping new Masons navigate their journey through the craft.

On his podcast, WB Jim invites a variety of guests to share their personal stories and experiences in Freemasonry. From newly-raised Master Masons to current Grand Masters from across the United States, the guests discuss the path that led them to join the fraternity, as well as their personal growth and development as Masons. WB Jim's conversational tone and engaging style make each episode an enjoyable and informative listen for Masons of all levels of experience.

As a dedicated Mason, WB Jim is also involved in various other Masonic activities and organizations. He is a member of several Masonic bodies, including the Scottish Rite and the York Rite, and is committed to promoting the values of Freemasonry both within and outside of the fraternity.