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Jeremy S. Barnes
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Jeremy S. Barnes is a co-founder of Copiri, a software development firm based in Seattle, Washington. He has a strong background in software engineering and development, with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Together with his business partner, Michael Radigan, Jeremy has created Amity, a mobile application that facilitates safe and secure travel and connection among Freemasons worldwide. Amity is designed to help Masons easily verify the membership of fellow brothers they meet on their travels, ensuring that they are always among trusted and recognized individuals.

Jeremy's passion for technology and Freemasonry has led him to create this innovative app, which has received widespread recognition and praise within the Masonic community. He was a guest on the Historical Light Masonic Podcast, where he discussed the development and vision behind Amity, as well as his personal experiences as a Freemason.