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Harry S. Truman

Harry S. Truman was born on May 8, 1884, in Lamar, Missouri, to John and Martha Truman. The family farm was a very important aspect of Truman’s young life and he often reflected on those years. He worked on the farm until 1917. It was not until after that time that Truman went to college in the 1920s when he attended the Kansas City Law School with his sights set on a law degree. He actually did not finish that degree he was working towards but did go on to serve as a Judge in the Jackson County Courthouse. Moving forward in his professional career he was elected as a Senator in 1934.

Truman took on the office of the Presidency in the United States after the death of Roosevelt. These were troubling years to be thrown into that hot seat but he took on that challenge nonetheless. He even went on to serve an additional term as the President.

Masonicly: Truman became a Mason in Missouri being initiated in Belton Lodge No. 450. There is still a lodge there today but after consolidations, it is known today as Belton Lodge No. 166 and is located right off the main strip in Belton, Mo. right behind the Family Cabin restaurant. He went on to be the Charter Master of Grandview Lodge 618 which is known today as Belton-Grandview Lodge 450 and actually meets in the same building on the main strip in Belton.

In 1940 at the annual session Truman received a majority vote to serve as the 97th Grand Master of the Jurisdiction of Missouri. While serving in the office of President Truman even received the 33 Degree from the Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite Masons.

Harry S. Truman died on the 26th of December in 1972.