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Gerald S. Sloan
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Gerald S. Sloan is a Past Master of the Gardner Masonic Temple and a published author. He was born and raised in Independence, MO, and is a proud graduate of Truman High School. After studying for three and a half years at the University of Missouri-Columbia, he graduated with a Liberal Arts Degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Gerald founded and spent the majority of his professional career managing a medical equipment company that specialized in Wheelchair Seating and Positioning for the severely disabled. He is a passionate advocate for the aged and disabled, having testified before Congress on the detrimental impacts that certain healthcare legislation will have on American seniors.

In addition to his advocacy work, Gerald has served as a Board Member and President of the Midwest Association for Medical Equipment Services. He worked closely with Senator Pat Roberts of Kansas regarding questions of healthcare legislation and was recommended by him for appointment to the Program Advisory and Oversight Committee for Quality Standards and Competitive Acquisition of Certain Durable Medical Equipment.

With his extensive experience and passion for advocacy, Gerald has authored several publications related to the healthcare industry. Today, he continues to live a life dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of those he serves.