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Dylan Sweyko-Kuhlman

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Dylan Sweyko-Kuhlman is an accomplished historian and researcher, whose career has been dedicated to preserving the rich history of Kansas. With a degree in history from Washburn University, Dylan began his career as the Grand Archivist for the Grand Lodge of Kansas. In this role, he was responsible for managing the organization's vast collection of Masonic artifacts, books, and documents.

Throughout his tenure at the Grand Lodge, Dylan became a renowned authority on the history of Freemasonry in Kansas, and his expertise was sought after by Masonic scholars and researchers from around the world. He has written extensively on a variety of topics related to Kansas history, including the role of the state in the Civil War, the growth of the state's railroad industry, and the contributions of notable Kansans to society.

Dylan's passion for preserving history led him to join the Kansas Historical Society, where he now works to promote the study and appreciation of Kansas history. In his current role as the Assistant Director for Communications and Marketing, he oversees the Society's outreach efforts, including social media, public relations, and publications.