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Cedric Jacobson
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Cedric Jacobson is a highly knowledgeable and dedicated Freemason, and was a guest on the Past Historical Light Masonic Podcast. Born and raised in Montana, Jacobson earned degrees in chemistry, microbiology, and cell & molecular biology from the University of Montana. He later taught high school science in Texas and earned his M. Ed. from SMU.

After moving to New Haven, CT, Jacobson became a member of Hiram Lodge No. 1, where he advanced through the chairs up to Senior Warden. He has also held leadership positions in several other masonic affiliations, including the Masonic Lodge of Research No. 401 and Harmony Council No. 8, among others.

Jacobson is known for his careful and ritualistic approach to the work, and his passion for historical connections in Masonic rituals and customs. He is especially interested in exploring more ancient symbols and enriching his knowledge of the historical context surrounding the codification of ritual. Despite not being a big name in the Masonic world, Jacobson is eager to connect with other Brothers and Lodges who share his passion for education and deeper exploration of Masonic practice.