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Brian Fernandes
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Brian Fernandes is a dedicated historian and a member of the Star in the East Lodge in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He has a deep passion for uncovering the rich history of his lodge and sharing it with others. Brian has spent countless hours researching and studying the past of his lodge, and has become an expert in its history.

Brian's knowledge and passion for history has made him a valuable asset to his lodge and the wider Masonic community. He has shared his expertise on various platforms, including the Historical Light Masonic Podcast, where he has been a guest speaker, sharing fascinating stories and insights about his lodge.

As a member of the Star in the East Lodge, Brian has been instrumental in preserving the history and traditions of the lodge. He has helped to digitize the lodge's records and artifacts, ensuring that they will be accessible to future generations of Masons. His dedication and hard work have earned him the respect and admiration of his fellow Masons.