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Exploring History with RWB Robert W. Marshall

Meet RWB Robert W. Marshall, a historian from Waco, TX, with a passion for exploring the past. With a degree in history from Baylor University, he has delved into a wide variety of historical topics, but has a particular focus on Freemasonry.

Marshall's love for the craft and its history is evident in his work as a co-host of the Historical Light Masonic Podcast. After several guest appearances, he was invited to join the podcast as a permanent co-host in 2019. His deep respect for all history, particularly that of the era of the craft that precedes us, is evident in his discussions on the podcast.

Aside from his work on the Historical Light Masonic Podcast, Marshall serves as a DDGM at large for the Grand Lodge of Texas and as Secretary of Waco Lodge No. 92, of which he is also a Past Master. He is also a member of the Kansas Lodge of Research.

Marshall's extensive research on Freemasonry can be found on the Waco Lodge No. 92 website. From the origins of the craft to the present day, Marshall's passion for history and Freemasonry has led him to uncover fascinating stories and insights.

In his work as a historian and co-host of the Historical Light Masonic Podcast, Marshall aims to shed light on the rich history of the craft and to inspire others to delve deeper into its traditions and teachings. His dedication to the craft and its history is an inspiration to Masons around the world.

Whether you're a seasoned Mason or a newcomer to the craft, there's always something new to learn about Freemasonry and its history. RWB Robert W. Marshall's work is a testament to the power of exploring history and the value of sharing knowledge with others.