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Alex G. Powers: 

Masonic Historian and Archivist

Right Worshipful Alex G. Powers is a fifth-generation Freemason and an influential figure in the Masonic community. Based in Area Eight of the Grand Lodge of Kansas, Powers is an active member of several committees, including the Masonic Education Committee and Publications Committee, and is currently serving as Director of the Kansas Lodge of Research. Powers is also a recipient of the Master's Achievement Award and the Grand Master's Distinguished Service Medal, as well as a published author and the founder of the Historical Light Masonic Podcast.

From Novice to Master: Powers' Journey in Freemasonry

Powers began his journey in Freemasonry in 2014 as an Entered Apprentice, but it wasn't until he delved into Masonic history that he discovered his passion for the fraternity. He quickly became immersed in research and education on the subject and rose through the ranks of the organization, serving as a Past Master, Past DDGM, and Past ADGM.

The Historical Light Masonic Podcast: Preserving the History of Freemasonry

In 2016, Powers founded the Historical Light Masonic Podcast with the goal of creating a platform for Masonic education and research. The podcast features interviews with prominent Masonic scholars and experts, as well as discussions on Masonic symbols, rituals, and traditions.

The podcast has become a popular resource for Masonic education and discourse, with listeners tuning in from around the world. Powers' dedication to illuminating the proud history of Freemasonry has earned him numerous accolades and awards.

Uncovering Hidden Gems: Notable Episodes and Guests of the Historical Light Masonic Podcast

Over the years, the Historical Light Masonic Podcast has covered a diverse range of topics, including notable interviews with renowned Masonic scholars like Greg Kaminski, Angel Millar, Robert Johnson, Robert L.D. Cooper, and many more. The podcast has also explored topics such as Masonic symbolism, history, and philosophy.

One particularly notable episode of the podcast explored the history of Prince Hall Freemasonry, a branch of Freemasonry founded by African American men in the late 18th century. This episode featured an interview with Dr. David Harrison, a prominent Masonic scholar and historian.

Powers' Contribution to Masonic Education and the Future of the Historical Light Masonic Podcast

Alex G. Powers' dedication to the history and philosophy of Freemasonry has had a significant impact on the Masonic community. His work as the host of the Historical Light Masonic Podcast has provided an invaluable platform for education and discourse, inspiring and educating countless Masons around the world. Powers is also an amateur poet and Freemasonry as well as broader esoteric elements are frequent sources of topic matter within his poetry works. 

Looking ahead, the future of the Historical Light Masonic Podcast looks bright, with Powers continuing to explore new topics and engage with new guests. The podcast remains a valuable resource for Masonic education and discourse and is sure to continue playing an important role in the future of Freemasonry.