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The Historical Light Masonic Podcast aims to leave Freemasonry's History Illuminated. This is a biweekly discussion focusing on the historical events and aspects throughout history.

Our Purpose

We aim to bring forth the rich history of the Craft.  Not only the history you read about in the books but also that history of a more personal nature.  Some of the best times I have had visiting a lodge is getting to sit and chat with an older Brother about his life experiences and family history within the fraternity.  Not only why Masonry has been important to him but generations back as well. There are so many tales to be told between our Buildings, Members, Events, and Family History.  With this show, we aim to share, preserve, and Honor these memories for years to come.

The Logo

The Symbolism

The Skull –

The skull within the square and compass denotes memento mori which is a reminder of our mortality.  It is also placed here as a reference to the brethren of our past, or our history.

The Keyhole –

The keyholes location can be symbolic on several levels but mainly here to depict the Light or knowledge locked away within our history.

The Beaming Light –

The Light appears to be beaming out of the keyhole to show the vast amount of Light contained within our past.

The Key – 

You will notice a key placed to the bottom left.  The purpose here is to allude to the accessibility to the “locked away” Light.  You simply need to use the tools at hand to discover and obtain it.

The Circumpunct –

The dot within the eye is to loosely demonstrate the circumpunct.  This is one of the oldest symbols known to mankind also holding a great deal of symbolism behind it.    Without it, the space within looked a bit empty during the design. So even though it is a loose representation we found it to be a good spot and opportunity to add in a bit more symbolism here.

The Square and Compasses

You may notice that square and compasses here are not in a particular degree position, but blended together. As this show is open to all, we wanted to utilize this symbolism here denoting the intent of the show; being on the level.

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